04 December 2008

For those of you who keep up with Women of Faith, you know very well who Patsy Clairmont is. And for those of you who just keep up with this blog, you may remember me sharing a clip of hers a while back wherein she shares about a dear friend of hers battling cancer and looking for 'flashes of light'. If you missed it, please take a moment to watch it.

Well, tonight Patsy shared with us that she has lost her sweet friend, Carol.
So, please say a prayer for Patsy and if you feel so led, please go over to her blog (where she has posted the most beautiful tribute to her friend of over 50 years) to share your condolences in her time of loss.

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Quilting Bea said...

Thanks for letting us know. That is a wonderful tribute. Oh that we could each have a friend like that...or BE a friend like that.