08 December 2008

Every day Trusting

3-Foot Fall
(taken from a devotional by David Jeremiah)

Trust in Him at all times, you people. ~Psalm 62:8

Recommended Reading ~2 Corinthians 1:8-10

A construction worker was welding on top of a water tower outside Chicago when he unhooked his safety gear to reach for some pipes. At the same time, a metal cage slipped and bumped the scaffolding he was on, sending him to the ground in a 110-foot fall where he landed on a pile of dirt. When the paramedics arrived and carried him off on a stretcher, he had one humorous request; "Don't drop me."

Sometimes we are like that construction worker in our faith; trusting God to save us from the long fall of our sins, yet fretting over the three-foot falls of every-day details. It is easy to trust God with the big things we don't fully understand, but a lot of us have a difficult time putting our trust in Almighty God for the small and personal issues we deal with on a daily basis. The Bible tells us to trust God for everything because He knows our needs even before we ask Him (Matthew 6:8).

If you haven't fully put your trust in the Lord, spend some time casting ALL your cares upon Him, for He knows you intimately, loves you perfectly, and is worthy of your trust in every situation.

It is a glorious thing to know that your Father God makes no mistakes in directing or permitting that which crosses the path of your life. It is our glory to trust Him, no matter what. ~Joni Erickson Tada


Brad and Shana said...

You probably do know how badly I needed to read that today, but just in case, I'll tell you anyway.

I SOOOOO needed that, and it spoke to my heart.

Still trusting......still waiting.

Luanne said...

I'm the one worrying over being dropped from 2 inches. Oh the worrying I do--thus the sinning I do.

Hope all is well with you--Jess.

Shawn said...

Very timely. I love David Jeremiah's stuff. Thanks.

BTW, I concocted a custom-made mac & cheese for Thanksgiving, combining my grandmother's recipe with Blue Willows' (found it on the Web). The response from all my friends will go down in culinary lore.

~D said...

Hey Jess... Just dropping by to say that I hope your Christmas season is wonderfully blessed... and also to say that you are the grand winner of my little blog giveaway :) I almost feel like I'm ruining your "winning quota" with this one! But, nonetheless, I'd love to send it to you... drop by my place & let me know how to send it. ~D