24 November 2008

You wanna talk Piles?

I am, in no way proud of this post... it is to primarily serve to make my friend Michelle feel better about all her piles... (Honey, you could never hold a candle to my mess! ... although, if you did, it might help!) :-)

This is where I throw all the clothes I decide NOT to wear for the day, onto my lovely quilt rack - that pretty well stays buried most of the time.

Ahhh... here lies my stacks of clean laundry,
waiting patiently to be put where they respectively
belong... and rarely, if ever, making it there
before getting used again.

My coffee table... which I have not seen the surface of in years...
These are all the books I get so excited to find, get home, put there
in front of me and read very sporadically.
Got some good ones in there!

... So, whatcha say, 'Chelle... feeling better yet? :-)


Jay & Michelle said...

At least I'm not alone!!!! I'm slowly making some progress! I'll keep you posted. Thanks for sharing. Love ya!

Brad and Shana said...

Girl, we are kindred spirits indeed.

I got PILES. Apparently, I "heart" PILES.



Quilting Bea said...

You weren't raised like that!

One Beloved Sister said...

I'm so glad you did this post instead of me! ;) I've got piles too, but I'm not sure I'm brave enough to show them to everyone. :) At least they are neat piles, right?

jodi said...

Oh my heavens!!! What are you trying to do to me???

Anonymous said...

Hey, I see One Night With the King in one of those piles...ever watch it?


Dianne said...

This is hilarious...and exactly how I live too! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I love it. I should post a picture of my closet, laundry room, bedroom adn the room my computer and stuff is in. You would definitely feel at home. This is GREAT! :-)

Hope you have a FABULOUS Thanksgiving.

Michele said...

Are you Jodi's sister?

Shawn said...

I like the workbook "It's Not You, It's Me" in the photo. I almost named my blog that, because ... well ... I just won't go there.

Jaime said...

Ah, your friend Michelle is lucky to have such a kindred spirit, and I feel better for seeing your piles :) I won't post pictures, but I will admit that I need to clean up my piles more than my 2-year-old's mess right now. Laundry, mail to be filed, mail to be shredded, books, DVDs to be returned to my sister... It is awful. (Love your mom's comment & Jodi's!)

Anonymous said...

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