12 November 2008

Broken Dreams

As children bring their broken toys with tears for us to mend,
I brought my broken dreams to God because He was my friend!

But then instead of leaving Him in peace to work alone,
I hung around and tried to help with ways that were my own.

At last I snatched them back and cried, "How can you be so slow?"

"My child," He said,
"What could I do? You never did let go."

~Author Unknown
Well, I guess I can admit I needed to hear this one once again.
It's one I've seen before and have actually even copied into my journal some time ago.
It always hits me between the eyes with truth.
And today, I suppose He just wanted to be sure I took note of it once again. As the daily devotion subscription I received it from made sure to send it to me TWICE. In one morning. On a day I was particularly needing this reminder.
Thank You, Father. For the messenger and the message.
Consider my hands off of it.


Luanne said...

Hey Jess--Praying for your house situation. I guess now I will pray that now that you have handed everything over to Jesus, that you will be able to resist taking things back. Let me know how things are going and how I can pray. God bless!

Michele said...

I guess I missed that you were getting a house. having problems?

Luanne said...

Hi Jess--I had written a long reply back to your email--and then I lost it as I was going to send it... What a bummer! I've been praying for you--tomorrow I will rewrite your email. I need to go to bed!! Sorry for my delay--perfectionist kicking in. I was waiting until I had a good chunk of time to write--and then I don't get to it! "Talk" to you soon!

Anonymous said...

Jessica, Sometimes the things we want may bring more of a burden than we expect. 1Tim 6:7,8 "For we have brought nothing into the world and neithr can we carry anything out. So, having sustenance and covering we shall be content with these things." Our Father knows our true needs. Sometimes its just the strength to deal with our problems.

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