15 September 2007

7:00 pm
Saturday, September 15th
Eastridge Community Church
Popcorn Bar, Pretzels, and
Nachos will be served along with soft drinks and water.
Movie to be shown in the lower parking lot.
Please bring a lawn chair.

We just got back from "Chick Flick" night at Eastridge and I'm so glad I got to go! The girls put together a good time for us by providing some good movie-style popcorn, nachos with cheese and hot-served pretzels. Then they provided the entertainment via a big blow-up screen in the lower parking lot of the church.

We had AWESOME weather! By today the rain had passed on through and it was a beautiful fall evening.

And the video we watched was Anita Renfroe's latest "Total Momsense". She's the same one I had mentioned having seen and enjoyed at the Women of Faith Conference about a month or so ago.

She - is - HILARIOUS!! I'm so glad more of the women of the church got to experience her.

And I'm so glad to be part of a church that does such cool stuff together!! Thanks ECC girls! Y'all are awesome.

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Mom said...

Thanks for inviting me. Pam and I enjoyed it very much and we're glad we went. I agree...your church IS cool and Anita is a hoot!!