17 September 2007

Menu Plan Monday Mystery

You know, every Monday I read on all the other blogs about what everyone's having to eat for the entire week. And although everyone else gets inspired by the menu ideas, I just find myself sitting back both impressed and intrigued.

First of all, because I am not a planner. For anything. I'd much rather take life as it comes and decide what to do when it gets here. The thought of planning out what I want to eat for the rest of the week... well, is just simply not me. Who knows what I'll be in the mood for by Thursday or Friday?

Secondly, I only buy at the grocery store what I can carry in a basket. It really tends to keep my budget in tact - especially when I need potatoes or Orange Juice - you know, things that already weigh half of what I weigh! So, although some really gifted short order cooks could probably whip up something from nothing... (and I have improved in this area) there's only so much you can do with bread, cheese, pasta and potatoes.

Thirdly, I only visit my lovely Publix up the road about once every two or three weeks. Basically, only when I have to. I avoid it like the plague. I don't mind it too bad once I get there, but it's just not very high on my priority list. So, I try to eat off of the little bit I have for as long as possible. By this point, I pretty much eat like a field mouse. I've trained my body to store what food I do take in. I make a little something from nothing from the little food I've accumulated and stored. And many days, I consume food that most would label "iffy" at best. But, I figure, "what doesn't kill you, only makes you stronger!"

Lastly, is the fact that it's Monday. And although I always have great hopes and intentions for my beautiful day off, by the time it rolls around, I'm generally quite lazy. I might pick some things up. Do a little laundry. Pay a few bills. But, then I watch a little tv. Listen to a little music. Dilly-dally on the computer. Get a little side-tracked. Basically, I am the queen of procrastination.

But, because of all of my inpiring menu planning sisters out there... I did take the initiative today to take a look at what I had in my fridge and actually clean it up! (That's a start, right?) And, as you can tell by the before and after pictures, that was a bit long over-due. And just out of curiosity, I tried to determine what exactly was the most out-dated item lurking in there? It was a tight race between the strawberry gel filling that was out-dated in October of '04 and some honey mustard sauce that had April '04 on it!

I just wish I could say that now that I'm all cleaned up and ready to go that I am now all inspired to actually restock and cook to my little heart's content, but you know what? I just don't see that happenin'. After all, I still have enough in there to at least throw together a quick omelet!

Besides, I did already clean out the fridge and all and now I'm missing "Gilmore Girls"!

Maybe I'll join up with y'all should I ever actually have someone else depending on me to feed them! :)

(In the meantime, I will try to at least get some ketchup should the Yorks ever stop back by again.)


Mom said...

Your "eating like a fieldmouse" and "training your body to store what you take in" sounds pitiful...to those of us who don't know you eat at the Blue Willow Inn FIVE days a week!!! LOL!!!

Jay & Michelle said...

Jess, I'll come to the grocery store WITH you if you will just go and get food... that fridge is pitiful!!!!! And BTW don't you know the way to a MAN's heart is thru his stomach... GET SOME FOOD!

Love ya, :)

Jess said...

Yeah, okay, I'd like to see how much grocery-shopping and cooking you would be doing if you were living alone, Chelle! Not worth it. Especially when you get free Blue Willow all-you-can-eat buffet lunch 5 days a week. And when you eat like me, if you make a normal dinner, you're eating it for like the next 2 weeks! I made spaghetti right when I moved in here and I haven't made it since - I'm serious! I ate it for days and days!!!

BTW- you show me a man whose heart I'm after and I'll show you some cooking. :)

jodi said...

Hey, thanks to my crockpot that I left last time I was there, your fridge actually looked quite full. Sorry if you had to clean out that yucky mess! :)

Michele said...

OK, Jess. You enjoy this time when you don't have anyone pulling at you asking "what's for supper". I would, however, be "banking" some meals you would like to fix ONE DAY so you don't get in trouble like me and have nothing to cook when you have someone to cook for. I do agree with Michelle that you need some food, though! A Blue Willow meal is good but you might want a snack at night!

One more thing, why should you cook when you can go to Jodi's house and get an awesome meal cooked for you?-Ha

Being Transformed said...

That is some clean refridgerator!

Dianne said...

That looks like mine both before and after! My brother-in-law asked me one time why I had a refrigerator if all I have are condiments! :-)