23 September 2007

Doesn't everybody like a good Potty?!

About a month ago, Sally met with a sales rep who was pushing Oprah's new promotional product. It's called "Poo~Pourri":

"Spritz the bowl before you go
and no one else will ever know!"

Of course, Sally thought it was a riot and bought a sufficient order of it for us to sell.

Then, a couple of weeks ago, they sent us a letter telling us how they're having a nation-wide contest for those who set the best display to promote the Poo-Pourri. Sally tells her daughter, Sarah (whose husband is a plumber) and together they come up with the whole idea behind our new focal point of the store.

First, she had the guys paint a common commode (donated by said son-in-law) GOLD. Then, she had them paint a pair of crossed plungers GOLD with a feather duster to make it look like a coat of arms of sorts - to go over the commode. Behind that is a lovely GOLD lame encased in a black boa. And though you can't quite tell from the photo... two lovely crystal chandeliers shed light on it all. Oh! And the best part - Charlie Cherub that she happened to find over in the conference room! Although we have NO idea how he wound up in the conference room, I think he's finally found his calling and found a home on our new little 'golden throne'.

The prize for first place?

$200.00 worth of product credit.

So, I guess, wish us luck and you can all be expecting some to fill the ole stockings come Christmas-time!! :)


Jay & Michelle said...

TOO FUNNY!!! I'll be dropping by to see that soon. Y'all are so creative... Good luck with the contest.

jodi said...

You Blue Willow girls are in a league all your own!

Dianne said...

That is hilarious and I must say, quite creative! YEA! I love stuff like that...well...not the poo, but the creative stuff! :-)

Mom said...

I love it! I hope you win...I want some "product" in my Christmas stocking. :)

Michele said...

That is so funny and creative!