27 September 2007

Ten Things that make me Smile

1. Just the thought of Fall!

2. Watching Emery sing his ABC's

3. Hearing Savannah tell knock-knock jokes that don't even make sense!

4. Walking out of bible study on Tuesday nights, just having been totally blown-away and truly touched.

5. Seeing sweet faces at the gift shop that I hadn't seen in a while.

(and now for some kinda crazy ones...)

6. Seeing my sweet cranes (as previously mentioned a LONG time ago) out in the 'pond' just down the road from me. I love it! Unfortunately, they're developing all of that into more living space, so they won't be there much longer, but just this morning, I drove by and there were two (!) out there! Bright white skinny little things standing in that murky water, facing each other like mirror images. It was so cute! I wish I'd had my camera for that!!

7. Hearing one of my (many) favorite songs come on!

8. Actually, just hearing music... the other day, I was sequestered in the 'dirt dungeon' at work, unpacking Christmas going stir-crazy because I didn't have any music under there. Then, after lunch, I got back in there when all of a sudden... from a distance... I heard something. "Could it be?" I thought. "No. Not under here. There are no outlets." (Billions of cords to who knows what... but not an outlet to be found.) First I thought I was just hallucinating. But, as I followed the sound and crawled closer to the space beneath the porch, I realized I hadn't made it up! There, hooked up to an extension cord that disappeared up under the porch (I can only assume it went from that wall straight up to Heaven!) was my little radio (I just KNEW the guys had 'stolen it' from me!) playing Reba McEntire!!! I was absolutely beside myself! (Perhaps I had spent too many hours unpacking Christmas in the 'dungeon.') But, it just made my day!

9. The few rare times I've actually been able to solve a word puzzle without cheating!!

10. This may sound completely ridiculous, but it's the one thing that absolutely just makes - my - day. (Doesn't take much with me.) When I'm loading up a box, or sometimes even a drawer of some kind and everything fits in there JUST RIGHT?!?! Oh - my - gosh! I just LOVE that!!! And you'd be amazed at how many times that actually happens!! :)

~ I was tagged to do this by Jodi over at Fruit Inspection. So, I now would like to tag Michelle over at Hendersons Highlights as well as Dianne at Glasses of Grace and see what makes their day! :)


Dianne said...

Great list...but that's a hard one...I'll have to give it some thought, but I'll definitely do it!

jodi said...

Thanks for playing along. I am seriously worried about you and the radio. Had it always been there? Was it on all along? It is YOUR radio and you didn't know it was there??? Louis needs to do something about that mold in the "dungeon"...it's affecting your brain cells!

Dianne said...

Okay...check me out...I've posted my list!

Michele said...

Fun list, Jess.