01 May 2007


Was today a little bit crazy for anyone else??

For starters, it was like 90 degrees outside! Hello... what happened to SPRING??? (I've got a show on now about Alaska - to cool me down. Ice sculpting... very coooool. I'm ready to buy my ticket right about now! It's 11:00 and still 80 here in the Deep South. Yuck. I am definitely not ready for that.)

But, the heat wave is just the 'tip of the iceberg', you might say! :) I think today (at least where I was) it was evident that we are in the presence of a FULL MOON. We had so many unusual people today? I thought maybe it was just me, but Judy agreed. They were all strange today.

I asked a guy who appeared to be a surveyor on the property what they were doing exactly... to which he responded: "Trying to locate the ground." (???) I was tempted to say "Have you checked beneath your feet?" But, I refrained. :)

Then we had a lady, who was obviously bitter about her husband (who was from Minnesota - by the way, where there is apparently "not one nice person" and at all "nothing to do") moving her to Nashville (the "nastiest town in the South"). Judy said "Well, you've got all the country stars up there" to which she answered "Well, actually not really. They all live outside of the city... and besides not one of them is nice. Dolly Parton is a horrible person." (I wanted to ask her if there was anyone on God's green earth she DID like! And really how many times had she really had run-ins with Ms. Parton?? But, again... held my tongue.) Well, apparently, she does approve of Mr. George Strait, but he lives in Oklahoma. I think if I were her husband I would be shipping her off to the Sooner state... sooner rather than later! What a gem, she was!

Then, Dominick came down to the shop at 5:00 and asked how the day was. I said "Crazy!" He agreed. Said as they were having lunch on the front porch, they watched as a lady fell asleep while talking on her cell phone!!! And I just wonder how long before the person at the other end realized it was a one-sided conversation!!!
On second thought, maybe I don't want to head for Alaska... they've got even longer days there, and I'm not sure I could've taken this day for much longer!!


Di-dan said...

How funny! I think I would have issue with that woman too...I LOVE Dolly Parton. She's SO funny and I've never heard anything negative about her! Also, can you imagine falling asleep on your cell phone? GEEZ!

Hope today is better for you!

Anonymous said...

Oh, good ole days at BW. Hate I missed that one!! :)