27 April 2007

"DO WHAT?!?"

It's funny... I was just perusing my favorite blogs and on http://nspiredbyfaith.blogspot.com/ she tells of a sweet story that took place on her farm today and named it: "Cows need Girlfriends, too". (Intrigued, right? Yeah, it's pretty cute and very sweet. Hope it had a happy ending...)

But, it just made me laugh, because after the day I've had with my rapidly-growing kitten, I'm reminded that Cats need Boyfriends, too! This girl is PITIFUL!

I knew I'd been needing to go get her spayed, but you know me... Queen of Procrastination! We haven't quite been yet. And I guess my little girl's getting all grown-up on me! Last night, when I had the back door open, I wondered why she was so talkative to everyone outside. And then at one point, I even heard a child say "Look at that cat... it looks like it's going to jump!" (Oops! I live on the 2nd floor, but in my defense, she doesn't normally have that tendancy!) So, I called her back in, closed the door and we went on to bed. Well, knowing what I know now, I'm surprised she didn't jump! She carried on ALL NIGHT LONG! She's even been trying to 'warm up' to her big sister, Sammi, which obviously does not go over well.
So... I guess now I'll actually find the time to take the poor girl in to get doctored up. But, until then... wish us both LUCK!!! It looks like we're in for a LONG weekend!


jodi said...

LOL! I know what you are doing on Monday! :)

Di-dan said...

That's a funny story!

When I got my cat from a litter my sister had (well actually my sister didn't HAVE them, they were at her house! haha) several years ago, I actually took two because my niece wanted me to have this certain one and I wanted another one. I wasn't about to take the one she wanted me to have and leave the one I wanted! Anyway, they were indoor cats for about 6 months and got SO active, it was just time to let them start going outside. I would let them out for about 30 mintes or an hour at a time, but I knew they needed to be fixed. I had left them out one day when I had gone home for lunch and when I came home, one of them had been hit by a car...not the one I had wanted, but the one my niece wanted me to have. That cat was SO active that I wasn't suprised. My niece was just a little thing then and I've never told her it got hit, just that it ran away or something, because I didn't want her to be sad...BUT I already had the vet appointment to get them fixed so, as ugly as this sounds, I was glad that had happened before I spent that money! It's expensive to have animals, but they are so much fun!

Di-dan said...

Don't be surprised when you read my blog next time...I've tagged you for something!