01 November 2006

The Autobiography of Mark Twain starts with this preface: “In this autobiography, I shall keep in mind the fact that I am speaking from the grave. I am literally speaking from the grave, because I shall be dead when the book issues from the press… It has seemed to me that I could be as frank and free and unembarrassed as a love letter if I knew that what I was writing could be exposed to no eye until I was dead, and unaware and indifferent.”

He did not want people to know the true Samuel L. Clemens until he was dead and gone. And so, the question comes to mind: 'Why then would he even go through all the painstaking work of producing such a heartfelt account of his life?'

Jodi responded in her blog a while back to all those who have inquired ‘Why exactly, do you blog?’ to which she answers: to document the time that passes by so quickly with young children, to ‘vent’ (journaling is very therapeutic), and to better keep in touch with both loved ones and new friends.

Me? I’m sure at many times, I probably seem more elusive like Mr. Twain. An 'enigma', as I’ve been told before. But, honestly, I think my philosophy is best stated in Proverbs 17:28 … “Even fools are thought to be wise when they keep silent; when they keep their mouths shut, they seem intelligent”! And, it is ‘safer’, in my opinion to keep people guessing. After all, they can think whatever they want to… is she smart? Is she clueless? Who can tell?? :)

But, I also believe we all have an innate desire to be known. And it requires a great deal of vulnerability to let yourself be known. But, somehow, it’s easier to put yourself out there, via ‘BLOG’. Just you, the computer, and your thoughts. Maybe if Mr. Twain were around today, he too would find it easier to ‘blog’ in an effort to express his true self. Perhaps he’d still prefer death. Who’s to say.

But, for me personally (although I started my blog by accident), I have found the blog to be quite a therapeutic way to share myself as ‘frank and free and unembarrassed’ as if I had already joined Mr. Twain himself, in heaven!

And I would just like to extend a big heartfelt thanks to any and all who have taken this journey with me and taken any interest in the ramblings of my very own personal web-log. :)

(For more information on Mark Twain, I suggest: www.marktwainhouse.org)


Mom said...

Personally, I've always thought -- no...I've KNOWN -- that you're smart. And funny. And kind.

jodi said...

Yeah, stop being so "elusive" and let's have it with the funny and smart, already! Geez!!! :)