22 October 2006

Good Problems to Have

Mom was trying to select a good picture of herself for her up and coming magazine debut... but had a slight problem. Every good picture of her showed dad's hand on her shoulder and would consequently show up in the photo. And I couldn't help but think, 'Now, that's a good problem to have.'

So, I've set out to find some of my own 'Good Problems'...

~ I've got 3 overflowing bags full of clothes and shoes that I need to unload, because I have too many new ones to replace them with.

~ My car is in DIRE need of a cleaning and detailing, because of my Mondays with Savannah (she tends to leave a trail of teeny tiny hair bands and candy wrappers).

~ I can't sleep in when Savannah sleeps over, because she starts climbing on my face around about 6:00 am (going something like this...)

"It's time to get up, Jess... It's on the 7" (This starts at around 5:47.)
"Wrong 7... Try again."
"C'mon... It's time to get up, Aunt Jess! Look! The SUN'S UP!"
"No, it's not... That's just the moon."
"Nu-ugh... (giggling) Then, why are the kids out, getting the bus?"
"I don't know... What are they thinking?" :)
"Yeah... (grinning) What are they thinking?"

~ I really need to start thinking about Christmas gifts now, because I have so many special people in my life.

~ I can't decide which book to read next, because I have SO MANY good ones to choose from!

~ I've got to change over my closet, because FALL IS FINALLY BACK, BABY!!! :)

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Mom said...

Those are some GREAT problems, I agree. :)