19 October 2006

Jesus, Take the Wheel!

Heading out to Atlanta, for our big “Bi-Plane Ride over Atlanta” Sunday afternoon, Jodi didn’t mind us taking her new Explorer, but just didn’t want to do the driving herself. So, I volunteered. A much bigger ride than what I’m used to, but nice. And MANY more bells and whistles than mine could ever have… but the one feature that we utilized and focused on the most was her navigation system. You know, you tell it where you’re going and from there on, they give you a steadily updated map and the kind lady tells you where to turn when you get to it. (Kind of like KITT in Knight Rider, without the conversational skills.)

Well, it seemed to be working well and we were cruisin’ right along… until Jodi second guessed the system and had me turn prematurely (before the kind lady had told me to). We asked what happens when you get off-track. Well, evidently, when you don’t heed her guidance and direction, she kindly comes on and says “Recalculating” (probably thinking ‘if you’d just listened to me, you Moron, you wouldn’t be all turned around! I don’t know why you even bother ASKING me! If you’re just going to do your own thing anyway’...) but, thankfully, she does not judge. She just lets us make our wrong turns (over and over...) and patiently reconfigures, helping us get back on track and ultimately to our common destination.
I can’t help but think of how the same applies to our journeys in life, our sometimes hastiness at taking wrong turns, or missing the directions altogether, and God’s enduring patience and graciousness with us through it all. Allowing us to make our mistakes, without judgment or criticism, He continues to love us and guide us, gently helping correct our paths and getting us to where we need to be.
But, sometimes, as in Carrie Underwood’s song, it takes us getting to the point of absolute desperation to say OKAY!... “Jesus, take the wheel”! and then and only then, ask Him where to go. When all along we could have “listen(ed) to His counsel and receiv(ed) instruction, (making us) wise in the latter days” (Prov. 19:20)! and making for a MUCH more enjoyable trip.

*(KITT photo courtesy of website developed by some dude with WAY too much time on his hands!!)*


Mom said...

I really love your analogies. Maybe you've "missed a turn" somewhere and you should be preaching and writing devotionals. As for the dude with too much time on his hands...how long did it take you to find a picture of KIT?

jodi said...

I love how you tied all that in together. I would have never thought of that! And Knight Rider? I haven't thought of that show in AGES!!! :)