18 October 2006

Oh, that I had wings like a dove; then I would fly away and rest! Psalm 55:6

Dad and I finally made it up for our bi-plane ride this past Sunday. I wasn't sure how I'd do... I've always LOVED to ride in the big jet planes, but didn't know how I'd like a smaller, more turbulent flight. And, although Jodi would find it IMPOSSIBLE to believe, it was actually peaceful and relaxing.

We'd expected it to be loud, but once you get your headset on, you actually can't hear much of anything. It's nice. A little bumpier than a commercial jet, but nothing I feared was going to end my life. (I'm sure Jodi was much more the nervous wreck waiting for us to return.) The sides on it come up a bit high, but we still got to see a whole new view of downtown Atlanta and Stone Mountain... bird's eye view (especially when he'd circle around and we'd tip WAY over onto one side).... (That's for Jodi.) :) But, I just always enjoy seeing things from a distance... a new perspective. The 'whole picture' is just bigger. And we're all just 'smaller'. All the hum-drum of life just begins to look silly and doesn't seem as important in the larger scheme of things. Makes me wish I could leave it all behind like that more often! ~

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