30 May 2006

Tough week for the community...

Well, after such a tragedy last Wednesday, we learned Sunday morning that the 5-year old daughter of a prominent family in our church passed away during the night. Evidently, she'd only had a mild cough and yet ended up aspirating and not making it to morning. So, now, along with the Casola Family, please keep the Malcoms in your thoughts and prayers in their losing little Mary Beth.

Time is so precious, especially with the little ones, who bring so much to our lives and change so quickly! That's why I was glad, as usual, to have Savannah down for a 'slumber party' this weekend. Just some quality 'girl time', eating yogurt and fruit 'floor picnic'-style, watching (and now dancing with!) princess movies and baking cinnamon rolls for breakfast. Thank you, Miss Savannah! I had a Ball with you. (Now, if we could JUST get you to sleep until at least 7:00!!) :) Love you.

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jodi said...

Well, she had a great time with you, as always! She keeps talking about dancing with the princesses and something about a "racoon feeding a bear", from the Over the Hedge movie. I try to get her to explain more, but she gets to laughing too hard and I can't understand what she is talking about! You will have to fill me in. :)