25 May 2006

Grace under Pressure:

I was in just as much shock as most everyone else, as the local news came in... reporting of a sweet innocent family being randomly, maliciously run down (repeatedly!) after an otherwise pleasant lunch together at McDonald's with the kids. A good, Christian family who have done SO much in the community to be sure to help others... now losing a precious 2-year old little girl, in such an unimaginable, horrid way. The human heart just can't even begin to reason it out. Where was God when all of this took place? How could He just idly 'sit by' and watch on as such tragedy unfolded in the lives of such devout followers? But, it's not for us to figure out... just for us to trust and believe that He is there, and will give this family the strength and resilience they will need to help Him turn even this tragedy for good, as He has promised to do in our lives.

Paul Casola states: "Please continue to pray for our family as we continue life without Avery and moving forward. Pray also for my wife and children. It’s our responsibility to honor God, glorify Jesus, find a way to forgive and move forward. That’s the responsibility of me and my family.”

With it being a couple of sisters, in their 30's, just simply grabbing lunch with a few 'little ones'... I just keep thinking, 'what if it'd been me and my sister and her 'little ones'? I can't even begin to imagine. My heart definitely goes out to them, and am all the more appreciative of the time I get with my loved ones.


Mom said...

I, too, struggled to see God's will in this...and probably will for quite some time. My heart aches for this family (so similar to our own). I was touched with Paul Casola's grace, dignity and faith witness during the difficult ordeal of a "press conference" yesterday. What an awsome example of a Christian life he gave. I hope many were touched by him.

Sanchez said...

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