12 June 2009

But Alas...
the Return of the Prodigal Blogger!

So... if you've followed my blog AT ALL, you may have noticed a rather lengthy 'hiatus' from my blogging. I apologize and I assure you that although I have not been writing, I have continued reading all my favorite blogs from all my cherished bloggers. (You guys, are AWESOME, by the way!)
I, however, have just found myself lacking in the inspiration department. I've always enjoyed sharing any little tid-bits that had been impressed upon me along the way, but to be perfectly honest, I hadn't had any to share in quite-some-time. And I only have myself to blame.
Now, I'm still not sure if all just boils down to laziness or neglect or if it's just been my 'time to be in the desert'... not gonna dwell on that... But, I have been lovingly reminded in the last several days that when I "draw near to (Him), He will (most assuredly) draw near to (me)". And I am SO grateful for such a loving, PATIENT Father!
... Hopefully, MUCH more to come...!


jodi said...

Welcome Back!

Shawn said...

'One day' came a lot sooner than I expected. Guess you noticed you were on the verge of surpassing Hwy 41 for "dustiest blog" award, huh?

Luanne said...

Yea!!!! I just went to my blog--and saw yours was updated. I did a double take--and quickly clicked here! So happy to read your words and looking forward to future posts!!

Jess said...

Yeah, Shawn. You know, I was honestly wondering if I'd even remember how to post something anymore!!

Well, you better hang onto your britches, Luanne! :) There's more where that came from... and hopefully more yet after that!!