28 January 2009

"Simple Humility"
Humility, or being humble, is the defining characteristic of an unpretentious and modest person; someone who does not think that he or she is better or more important than others.
The opposite of humility is pride.

This week, we started our Priscilla Shirer study "He Speaks to Me". Having benefited from her last study, I have really been looking forward to starting this study. And after having watched just the first 30 minutes of her first video session, I knew that she (or rather, He) was already speaking to me. So, I got out my workbook and delved in.

Day One: Simple Obedience - Yep. Need that. No better place to start than square one, right? And I need to get back to that point just to be obedient enough to pick up the book these days!! "Obedience requires sacrifice..." Gotta give up something I consider 'valuable' in committing to hearing God's voice. Gotcha. I am with ya, Sister. Yes sirree, boy did I need that reminder (and to be honest... that kick in the pants).

Day Two: Simple Beginning - A reverent "fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom" (Prov. 1:7 and 9:10). Makes sense. After all, like Shirer says, "Showing God respect opens our hearts and our spiritual ears to clearly hear from Him." It's the very prerequisite for gaining any kind of spiritual wisdom.

Day Three: Simple Humility - "The result of pride..."?? (My thinking at this point?) ... Pffft. Pride? I don't need a study on pride. I'm about as non-prideful as someone can get...

Yes, I see the blatant irony of it all NOW. But, do you know it took a couple of days before it hit me? Sad, I know. But true just the same. Actually, it wasn't until after I completed the homework, after our class met and discussed it and after I got home and let's see...

Flipped over my perpetual calendar to read: Humility is not thinking little of yourself; rather it is simply not thinking of yourself.

And picked up my Andrew Murray devotional for the first time this year to read: Put aside your own efforts and thoughts. ...Offer yourself to Him in sincere humility, and believe that God, in His holy love, will make Himself known to you.

THEN, I (finally) started thinking... Okay... obviously, You're talking to me... So maybe I do have just a teensy weensy touch of pride in me. So, let's just start there, shall we...?
But, first... if you'll just excuse me... I think I have something in my eye? ... Oh, wait... Yep, there it is... Just as I suspected... a LOG.

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Love your blog...have added it to my favorites (now the laundry's NEVER going to get done)