05 August 2008

"Hymned Again"

Order your copy today

(...well, actually next Tuesday)

As reigning S.L.O.B. I feel it is my duty and honor to help get word out on Bart's latest endeavor. Both musical and personal.

His older son has juvenile diabetes and so he has developed "Imagine A Cure" as his fundraising campaign. And, with his 2nd Hymn cd releasing soon, he got together with iTunes and iTunes actually has allowed him to pre-sell his cd and let a portion of the proceeds go to his cause. So, I would like to just encourage you to check out this video segment and pre-order yours today! What a great impression it would make to the big guys over at iTunes to have a huge pre-release of a hymns cd!

And I just know it'll be a great one.


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Brad and Shana said...

Thanks for the heads up!