07 July 2008

Summer Read Recommendation
Alright, girls! All you needing a good Godly summer read, here's my recommendation! The Pritchett Series by Kathryn Springer. If you're not familiar with them already, it's just a sweet, simple summer read. Good for all ages and all walks of faith.
Last year, my friend Connie sweetly passed along "Front Porch Princess" and I so enjoyed it that I couldn't wait to check out this year's "Picket Fence Promises". I finally got it about a month ago and just as I had the first one, I picked it up and did not put it down until the story was completely finished! Not necessarily that it's that 'gripping and spell-binding' as they say, but it's more like you get invested in these Pritchett ladies and want to know how it all turns out for them.
Now, I'm off to Lifeway for Ms. Springer's latest "The Prince Charming List"!! YAY!

Elise Penny always knew she was meant for better things than small town life in Prichett. Unfortunately she fell in love with a man whose first love was one hundred acres of fertile topsoil. She came in a close second. Elise won the county fair Miss Sweetheart contest when she was eighteen. She still had the tiara. Who knows where she could have gone if she hadn't fell in love with Sam Penny. She never dreamed a thin gold band would keep her from becoming all she was meant to be. Blocked by marriage from the fulfillment of her dreams, she would do anything to keep her daughter, Bree, from making the same mistakes. Unfortunately Bree doesn't think life in Prichett is all that bad. And the fact that Riley Cabott lives there just makes it sweeter. Elise sees Riley as a roadblock to her plans for her daughter. And Bree? Well, Bree sees Riley, and she likes what she sees. Then Bree enters Elise in a Proverbs 31 Woman Christian Beauty contest, and she becomes the town celebrity. Unfortunately Sam, her husband, is all too aware of the way Elise feels about Prichett. The beauty contest brings old problems to the surface. Front Porch Princess is a sarcastic, witty, and serious story about one woman's search for God and contentment. (Barbara Warren - reviews)

Twenty years and several pounds ago…
I was Bernice Strum, hairstylist to the stars. Until I fell for—and got pregnant by—Alex Scott, a handsome actor with a career on the rise. But I gave my baby up for adoption and moved across the country to settle in Prichett, Wisconsin. I made friends, started a faith journey, and then one day I got a call from my now-adult daughter that turned my world upside down… and brought Alex back into my life. Now he's here (living in my dream house!) and he wants to pick up where we left off—but how can I trust his picket-fence promises when he's not a believer in anything but himself? (Editorial Review - Amazon.com)

Check 'em out!!!

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Brad & Shana said...

Thanks for the heads up. I enjoy an easy, light (non-thinking) read.....especially in the summer.