05 July 2008

Just a little Fun...

I had hoped to do an inspirational, patriotic type post for this weekend, but anything that I had considered just sort of fell through, so thought I'd just do a little fun clip instead!
Most of you probably received this from me via e-mail, but I think it's blog-worthy... it just cracks me up everytime I watch it! So, hope you all enjoy it as well. And that you've had a great holiday weekend!

I did, however, come across a cool site that helps in supporting our troops: Any Soldier.com. Another good one is: Forgotten Soldier's Outreach. Check 'em out and help support our courageous men and women out there! Freedom doesn't come free. Let's show them how much we appreciate all they sacrifice.


One Beloved Sister said...

Hey friend! :) I laughed out loud watching this video. HA! Perhaps they should start Mandles home parties. :)

Shawn said...

Do you think the Mandles Corp. would go for a Yoo-Hoo and beef jerky scent? No luck with Scott & Marie. But I may be up in ATL sometime in the next month, so I'll have to hunt them down. I appreciate the encouragement of my one and only fan (you really shouldn't humor me). I've been trying to incorporate some of the bells & whistles I see on your blog, the playlist in particular. But I just want to add one "theme" song for individual posts ... can't figure it out. Speaking of music, I got two songs by David Phelps today that you should check out: "No More Night" and "That's What Love Is." Amazing!