14 July 2008

Say What?!?

I started recording Emery out at the pool one day because of the intense way he was enjoying his popsicle - but then he started this little "Majesty" bit. He had never done that before and we had no idea what he was saying until the end! But, then again, you just never know what that kid is going to come out with.

I asked him where he got it and pried "Emery, who says that?" (thinking it must be in some movie or something...)

He said "ME!"

Guess I should've seen that one coming.


Brad & Shana said...

Man, that must have been some popsicle.....pulled the royalty right out of 'em. Too cute!


jodi said...

That is so dad-gum funny! Jeremy and I watched it over and over again last night!

ocean mommy said...

I've watched this twice and I'm laughing my head off...he is SO intense....