21 July 2008

Let there be Light (...and Laminin)!


Well, after a couple days of pretty good self-pitying and self-loathing... you name it... I ran into town for some errands today. Once again, found myself at Lifeway and ended up buying the dvd for the Louie Giglio conference I had seen last year. I remembered it was good. But, couldn't remember what all he had said exactly. I just knew that I needed to hear it once again. Got home, popped it in and soaked in every word. Awesome. (If you've not seen it before, I encourage you to check out the whole sermon... it's from "How Great is our God".) But, here's the most amazing part:

push 'play' to view

Then, finished up lunch, had a great conversation with a dear old friend of mine who I hadn't spoken with in some time, and popped online to check in on everybody here. Patsy Clairmont had just shared a recent clip of hers with us over on her blog. So, I thought "Cool. I'll see what that's about." And this is what she shared:

push 'play' to view

Now, is there any doubt that we have a wonderful Savior and Creator Who loves us more than we could ever even begin to imagine?!? And not only is His Word still alive today, but He is very much alive in each of us! And so desires for us to realize that!!

Thank You, Father!


Shawn said...

I saw this when Louie, Chris, et al came to Orlando last year. I remember how infinitely microscopic I felt when he was talking about the planets, scale of the universe, etc. but how much comfort I felt that God was holding it all together. Makes me yearn for my old 7:22 days!

Jess said...

"Significantly Insignificant" - I loved that!! Isn't Louie just great at what he does?? I had never made it out to a 7:22 night until just this Feb. (after wanting to check it out for years) but we were just at the one in town and I don't think it was quite the same. And, I think we had unfortunately outgrown it to some extent. :( But, I have so enjoyed those conferences with Chris Tomlin and Matt Redman.

Mom said...

Glad you had a good day. Thanks for two such awesome videos!

Luanne said...

I came across your blog when I googled for something I can't even remember now! How awesome is the blog world---God's love shines through your blog and two random people can share their love of Jesus!! Have an awesome, God-filled day! Patsy video was great!