24 July 2008

Calling All S.L.O.B.s!

Many of you know by now that I am a frequent visitor over to the MercyMe blog. A while back, Bart came up with the acronym: S.L.O.B -Spectacular League of Bloggers!

Well, everyone loved it and started pushing for t-shirts. So, now they've agreed to produce the t-shirts, but they're looking for a design to print on them.

C'mon! Get in on the fun! Just get your old creative juices flowing and head on over to their last post hit: imaslob@mercyme.org and send it on over to them! Who knows, maybe they'll select yours! And even if you don't keep up with Bart and the guys as much as me, we're all still S.L.O.B.s!!

(And my creative well is run dry at the moment, so who knows what I'll come up with!)


Shawn said...

Cool. I'll give my little brother a heads-up on this ... he designs logos and t-shirts for a living. (I'll have to explain the whole SLOB concept to him)

Brad & Shana said...

Holy cow, I think my creative juices are all dried up too......that Beth Moore contest just sucked 'em right out of me.

I wish I had a little more in the creative department.....and some actual artistic talent to go with it. Oh well, I guess I have the gift of gab!