09 May 2008

Fun Mother's Day
dinner at
Blue Willow Inn!

I may have the special privilege of dining on Blue Willow food five days a week, but only on occasion do I have the treat of enjoying it with my family!

Tonight, I got to enjoy dining with Jodi, Jeremy and their little ones along with mom and dad. It was a beautiful spring night and, obviously with the children there, a very entertaining evening as well!

Emery ate all the beans he could get a hold of ('green' and 'brown').

And Savannah, after eating some grapes and rolls just decided on a heaping help of cool whip and cherry pie filling to top it all off!

Sounds good to me, Girl!

( I mean really... why beat around the bush when you can just get right down to the real business at hand?)


Happy Mother's Day

to all you Moms

out there!


Dianne said...

Cute pictures...I'm glad you all had fun. Sounds like a great, relaxing time. And since I'm catching up, about your post of '$46.74' or whatever the amount was, you eat MUCH healthier than I do! :-)

Michele said...

Looks like fun. We love Blue Willow too!