12 February 2008

This week I would just like to stop and take the chance to give thanks to those things that have meant the most to me in recent days/ weeks...

Some big ~ some small, but all things I am grateful for.

1. Quality time with my niece and nephew all weekend, while their mommy and daddy were away on retreat.

2. Mom and Dad for their endless support, in so many different ways.

3. An opportunity to really revamp the gift shop at work (new carpeting/paint and all!) A lot of hard work, but worth it! And LONG overdue!!

4. Steve, at work, for getting the kinks worked out with my new computer and getting me up and running and FINALLY on DSL!!! YAY!

5. A 'snow day' of sorts yesterday (even though it was a gorgeous sunny 60) also thanks to Steve who insisted on having my modem sent to my home address instead of my parents' - so I had to hang back at home all day, awaiting UPS (who didn't show 'till 3:30) causing me to miss out on all the painting of the shop that took place yesterday! *Oh, Darn! (But, just for the record, I felt so bad about that, that I actually went in early today and ended up staying 10 hours.)

6. My church home and bible study group of ladies. All so different, but all just amazing in their own ways... I HATE that I missed tonight!

7. These great blogs/bloggers I have the pleasure of checking in on and getting inspired by.

8. The rain that just began (we are still in need of any rain we can get).

9. Edy's Grand "Girl Scout Thin Mint" Limited Edition ice cream!

10. D...S...L !


Lyndy said...

I am sitting here listening to the rain as well. What a wonderful thankful list you have and what a sweet thankful heart. I my friend am thankful for you!!

Have a blessed week.

Hugs, Lyndy

Mom said...

I, too, am thankful for you...for your help with the kids and for all the things you are--always. Can I just say, "I told you so" as far as the DSL? :)

jodi said...

Sweet list, Jess!

Joanne said...

Edy's Grand Thin Mint Ice Cream?!?! Where can I get my hands on some of that???

Blessings! Joanne

p.s. Loved your thankful list...I also loved that your mom commented how she was thankful for you, are you blessed or what?!?

Colonia J Adore said...

I've been really enjoying this! Well done!