03 February 2008

"It Must be my Thyroid"!

Well, we just had the best time last night, getting to see Anita Renfroe at her most personal and finest. We're fortunate in that Anita is 'home-grown' here in Georgia, so we just had to go down the road to be a part of her upcoming release: "It Must be my Thyroid". Now, if you're familiar with her, you know just how funny she is, but with it being a taping, we got to experience a 'behind the scenes' sort of look at the routine. And, hey, you never know! Some of our little faces may just pop up on the dvd! It releases at the end of April. And I highly recommend it. It was hilarious.
Before Anita came on, she 'warmed us up' with a musical performance by her youngest son (he did a great job) and a couple of her fellow comedians. One in particular struck my group funny. Bone Hampton. I had not heard of him before, but he's been a part of the "Thou Shalt Laugh" project. His favorite (and the part that REALLY stuck with us - as we could not get the song out of our heads the rest of the night!) was in talking about living on his own, in a cluttered place and having to do the electric slide to get through all the junk to 'his theme song' "I got clutter... I got clutter, clutter, clutter... I got clutter..." to the tune of Sanford and Son. Who knew there were words to that song! :) You might have had to been there to get the full humor of it, but thanks to Project Playlist, you didn't have to be there to get the song stuck in your head!
On a serious note though, even in all the silliness, when he wrapped up that segment and was joking about how he never has people over, because he just has too much junk in his place, he said he could just see Jesus coming to his door to call him home and he'd have to say "I'm sorry! You just can't come in! 'Cuz I got clutter... I got clutter, clutter, clutter..." But, I thought: "You know. How many times do we just look at all our 'clutter' in our lives or in our hearts and hear Jesus knocking and respond by turning Him away on account of our 'mess'? When He loves us regardless of our 'mess', already knows about our 'mess' and is more than willing to help us clean it up!"
Thank God for that and thank God for good fun with good friends!

If you're not already familiar with either entertainer and care to get a taste, you can also check them out on You Tube:


Brad & Shana said...

Sounds like so much fun.....oh what a night of laughter does for you.

Glad you got a blessing,

Quilting Bea said...

As usual, you "nailed" the whole experience. The fun and laughter as well as a deeper meaning. SOO glad you jumped right on it and got tickets for all of us. Thanks!

PS: They say laughter adds 8 years to your life. Here's to a long and funny life for all of us.

Joanne said...


What fun she is, huh? I have to check out this new comedian, I so love good comedians!

This post had me laughing out loud...maybe because it hit so close to home...'I got clutter, I got clutter too!'

And thanks alot you stinker, now I have that song in my head!!!

Love, Joanne

Michele said...

Didn't we have fun! Thanks for getting it together. I really needed that. It helped me get through this past week for sure!