28 February 2008

Mama said there'd be days like this

So, after having more 'faintness' episodes here lately, I finally decided that everyone is probably right. I really do need to go see a doctor to see what my problem is. Now, with me, you would think the biggest problem would be in actually getting me to go to a doctor... but, turns out... I just can't seem to find a doctor in the tri-county area who is willing to take my blood (and my money)! Evidently, all the good ones that people have doted on are already filled to capacity and not accepting any new patients. I really kept pressing with one office, the one my parents go to, thinking that would be my best chance... seeing as I'd been there before years ago and there are 12 (no lie) 12 different physicians in that one office. Nope. No new patients. Anyone not seen in 2 years time - kicked out of the system. Gotta go back to square one. But, they did seem a little more inclined to help when I mentioned my parents are patients there. (Like, is this a doctor's office or some sort of fraternity or something??) So, I will try - once more - tomorrow to pull the 'family' card and see what they have to say. But, I just can't believe it is so dang difficult to get into just a regular doctor's office! I mean, c'mon people! I just need some lousy blood drawn at this point! And I haven't been in years, so obviously, I don't intend to be a 'regular'! (Good Lord willing and all I have is some sort of imbalance or something.) Who knows... maybe one day I'll actually find someone willing to get down to the problem at hand! Wish me luck!

Oh, and then, we had a managers meeting at work this morning. Business is wayyyy down, even for this time of year, which is always slow. We knew that. But, we had no idea how grim it really is or at least can turn into. Gas, we all know, is a-bust these days. And projected to go up even more next month. That affects everything. Gas goes up - freight goes up - freight goes up - product goes up... Our head 'chef' said that much of the food has doubled in its price in a short amount of time. Eggs used to be $25 a case... now they're $50. Ouch. Add that to the housing market and election year, where everybody is just either financially hurting or just holding on to see what happens... not good. So, as it stands now, it looks like Sally and I will pretty much be holding down the fort, working day and night, seven days a week between the two of us. We've cut back before on our help, but never like this. All he would afford us was, on average, 3 hours a day's help. That's not much, in case you were wondering. But, after the mention of possible 'furlough' (forced unpaid 'vacation') for managers, I will gladly keep my little overworked salaried position! I just hope to keep it for a good long while!

So, please would you all pray, not only for my health and answers regarding that, but for our little business and those laid off, as well as all the other little businesses out there that are suffering - and that our nation would just get back on track with the economy and farming and gas........ !

Thank you!


Brad & Shana said...

I totally understand, it took me several months to get an appointment for our adoption physical with my own family physician whom I've been seeing for years. Can we say, patient overload???

Good luck finding one and getting to the bottom of your health issues. Have you thought about just a walk in clinic? Maybe not the most desirable, but since you don't plan on becoming a 'regular' it might be okay for a blood draw? Just a thought...you can tell me to mind my own business any time. Yikes, unsolicited health advise- feel free to disregard.


Michele said...

I will pray for you Jess! Didn't know about the health issues or business being down! It doesn't surprise me but it affects everyone!

Jeremiah 29:11-13

Lyndy said...

Praying for both of these situations. As a fellow fainter, I know it is frustrating. I am very anemic and have to try very hard to keep my iron levels where they should be.

Big hugs to you my sweet friend.


Dianne said...

I hope using the family card worked/works...let us know. I'd certainly be wanting to get to the bottom of that too.

I agree that it's scary to think about things the way you described with the economy and everything. With that being said, we are so fortunate to have as much as we do in our country, and like you, I hope it all turns around soon too.

Joanne said...


You have inspired me to keep a little prayer list by my computer...I am putting you right on top. I will be praying for better health, answers to your fainting spells (but isn't it a southern bell condition? haha) also for your work. We are hurting financially too out this way. It is just awful. I just have to keep reminding myself that our health and money situations are only a tool in the Lords hands to accomplish what He desires in us.

Praying for you Jess...let me know what the doctors say about your blood panel. I am sad that you fainted while they took your blood, but also kind of happy that it was in front of them so they truly believe what you are telling them.

Love, Joanne