10 December 2007

Christmas Cookie Bake-Off 2007!

Well, today was our annual Christmas Cookie Baking Day for my mom, sister and me.

And, even though a few varieties got left off again this year, I think we got quite a lot accomplished!!

Everything from chocolate truffles, clusters, and pretzels to fruitcake cookies, apricot turnovers and raspberry thumbprint cookies! Not to mention haystacks and buckeyes. Pretty good, I'd say!

And now, we all have belly-aches (and I'm sure the kids will either be flying high 'till Midnight or already crashed from the sugar high before bathtime!) Oh, well. We got a lot done to be able to share with our friends all week and had fun doing it!

Hopefully, next year, it won't be 80 degrees!!!

Though I haven't given up hope on the White Christmas this year yet!

Certainly this 'heat-wave' won't last THAT long!!

Hey. A girl can dream, right?


Jay & Michelle said...

Is there raspberry fudge? That's Jay's favorite!! I'm glad you guys had a good time. I miss working at the shop during this time of year, ONLY b/c there are always goodies to eat. I'll see you soon!! :)

Jess said...

You can ask Jodi... we were actually talking about Jay and his raspberry fudge! Ever since you've told me that he liked it, I've been on a hunt for the raspberry chocolate chips, but haven't found them! I guess all you'd have to do though would be to add a little raspberry extract.
Sorry, Jay! :) Maybe next time!

Joanne said...


That looks like my kinda fun! I just made some Paula Deen brownies and am planning on making my traditional pound cakes on Sunday. I so love to bake. I wish I could have been with you!

Blessings, Joanne

Brad & Shana said...


I saw your comment on Beth Moore's "Roll Call". When I went to your blog, I noticed that we must live in the same area because we got snow too. Anyway, I was reading through your blog (which is the same template as mine) and noticed your cookie day. My mom, sisters, aunts, and cousins have an annual cookie weekend. The pictures were so similiar, that I thought I'd contact you and say we are kindred cookie spirits. We made buckeyes too. I wish I had posted it on my blog, but I never got around to it. I grew up in the Ringgold area.

Its nice to meet you, I enjoyed reading your blog.

Shana Farmer