21 December 2007

Believe in the Miracle...
... of God's amazing love!

Behold what manner of love the Father has bestowed on us, that we should be called children of God! ~ I John 3:1


At the shop, we have a sale every year at this time. Typically, we start out at about 30% and eventually get down to 40 or even 50% off - all merchandise. We get the word out there, place it right before all the people, have all kinds of signs, try to tell them time and time again. And still, you wouldn't believe the number of people who just decide that it's too good to be true, just don't think they heard right and just walk away. Or those who continue through the shop asking "Even (such and such)? How 'bout (such and such)? Now, I know you don't mean (such and such)."

Why is it so hard for us to believe?

Are we afraid to be disappointed?

Are we content to just simply expect no more?

Why are we so quick to just assume we must have heard wrong or get comfortable with the thought that 'it's just too good to be true' and simply walk away from the Truth?

The other night, MSNBC news had on, as one of the guests, speaking to the new movie "The Golden Compass", the president (?) of the Atheist Association. I've not forgotten it since. I just keep thinking back to that interview. I sat there, both intrigued by someone who can be so very passionate about not feeling or believing in any more than science and saddened both for her (for all she's missing) and our Father, Who I know still loves her very much, regardless of her views.
One thing that specifically stood out to me was her very defensive statement that the Bible 'judges' non-believers calling them "foolish".

I thought "Is that what it all boils down to? The fear of being thought foolish? To believe in something that you simply cannot see - as opposed to science which is all around us and 100 % tangible?"

But then, why must science and God be mutually exclusive? To me, they go hand in hand. The Creator and His creation. And personally, I'd like to admire all the 'science' around me while believing in God and being one of His biggest "fools"!!

And, just for those who are like Joanne and me...

fool'ish (adjective)
1. not 'sensible'
~showing, or resulting from, a lack of 'good sense or judgment'

And, I'd say, going from this definition, you could say the Lord has loved me SENSELESS! :) Halleluiah!


Mom said...

Once again you have taken the every-day and shone a new light on it. You are so good at finding inspiration everywhere and I thank you for sharing that gift with the rest of us.

Michele said...

Great post, Jess. So sorry I was one of those customers-I just couldn't believe that cute tea set was 40 percent off! Can't wait to see Jenna's face Christmas morning.