21 November 2007

Welcome to My World ~ Where the FUN 'never Ends'!

Well, I did it.

I don't know how it happened.

I always swore I'd never be 'one of those people'.

And yet, last night at Target, I finally broke down and got my sweet -albeit- spastic kitten a 'Circle of Fun'. (I think I can still technically refer to her as a kitten as long as she remains unruly and out of control. Although, she has grown quite a bit by now.)

Here, I've always been one to look down at the crazy cat people out there who bought the cheesy cat toys and horrid scratching posts and such.

But, having this wild little feline, (who is running around, bounding off the furniture as I type) I've really been put in a 'corner'... along with my scratching pad (complete with catnip), odd-looking little half-ball cat toys with feathers sticking up, and now my most newly acquired 'Circle of Fun'.

As soon as I got it home and discovered that it required putting together 60-some odd parts, I could already tell that it would prove 'unending fun' for all. (ha-ha) I think by the time it was all said and done, it took me longer to put the darned thing together than it took her to become disinterested in it.

She did find it exciting as she 'assisted' in my putting it together. And did check it out right away, but for some reason, she's still more intrigued by my Christmas tree and its lovely tree skirt! (The whole reason behind my purchase of the 'Circle of Fun'.) I guess running around in a nylon 'wheel' doesn't hold a candle to hanging from the 3rd row of branches on Old Tannenbaum!

Oh, well.

Who knew.

So, can anybody tell me just how much longer before this girl settles down?!? I mean, as much fun as it is to get awoken each and every morning to play 'fetch' and get to clean up kitty litter that's been flung as far as possible (on account of her spinning out in the box (!) just for entertainment purposes), I'd love to just have a 'normal' lazy cat once again!!

And yes, Jodi... her eyes are pretty much dialated like that ALL THE TIME!!! :)


So Blessed said...


Congratulations on your new addition! When the song 'Eye of the Tiger' started playing, both my husband and I got a chuckle.

Blessings! Joanne

Jess said...


Yeah, that song is the perfect fit for her and her warrior spirit. :) It's thanks to you though that I figured out how to have a playlist! I've just only gotten around to updating it and really having fun with it though.



jodi said...

I laughed too when I heard the song. Your tree looks GREAT! When are you coming to do mine??? :)