31 August 2007

If Jodi's life is coming up roses this week, I guess mine's been coming up poison ivy!!!

Let's see... after my crazy week last week (being stressed near tears Wednesday, near break-down by Thursday and just complete defeat by Friday) and having a nice little melt-down Saturday... I got up and went to church Sunday and felt MUCH better.
Good thing.

Went to my sis's to babysit in the afternoon. She and Jeremy got home from the wedding they attended and she says "You know you've got a flat tire".

I knew which one she was referring to, as it was the very one I'd been nursing all week long. And even though (or perhaps because) it had 'only' lost 20 lbs of air in 4 days, I figured if I added more air Saturday night, that would get me to my day off, Monday.


Jodi was not exaggerating. It was finally flat. Big-ole nail. (With the head completely worn down.) But thankfully, I have a brother-in-law who was 'on-site' and willing to patch it up for me. Buying me a little more time before I have to finally break down and buy the complete set of tires Dad's already been telling me I need.

Relieved about the fixed tire, yet dreading the $500.oo or more investment on the new tires... Wednesday night, I had invited Mom to go to church with me, for a worship night we were having. So, she comes over and we get in my car. I turn the key...


I try again...


Yep. Dead battery. I had assumed that since I had accidentally left my I-pod going for the hour before that, it had drained the car of its juice. Dad said he doubted that.

So, thankfully, since Mom had agreed to go with me and she had driven to my place, we were able to take her car. Had a GREAT service and I'm so glad I was able to attend. I had desperately needed it. And was glad she had gone, too.

Well, it was raining when we got home and the parking lot was full, so we decided to wait 'till morning to have Dad come out and jump my car before work.

He gets there about 9:00 am. and there are still cars all around mine (it's usually empty by that time). So, we give it about 30 min's or more and finally decided we might as well just take the battery down the road to be tested.

He takes it out and we're on our way. Find an auto parts place and sure enough. Bad battery. Completely dead.


So, we figure out which one to get, and go home with a new one... Drop it in...

Wrong kind.

We get back in the truck. Drive ALL the way BACK. Get the RIGHT one this time. Get it back to the car.

Praise God! It works!! :)

By this time, it's like 11:00/11:30 a.m.

Thankfully, I have a Dad who's ALWAYS willing to come to the rescue and NEVER complains about having to do so. And I have a boss who's also very understanding and laid back about the hours we work. :)

... so those are just the high-lights of the week for me. Just the ones concerning my car.

I also, somewhere in there, managed to buy the wrong kind of Drano (which, by the way, does not work at all, leaving my sink and tub still clogged).

I emptied my ice maker in the thoughts that I might have gotten raw chicken juice on my ice - only to forget to turn the thing back on! And thus, had no ice for my drink the next morning before work.

My computer (which is already rather lacking) decided to start just shutting down anytime I try to turn the printer on to print something??

After watching my new dvd's that came in the mail, my dvd player has consistently been flashing "CABL" - "CABL" - "CABL" and won't respond to its remote???

And in loading my dishwasher, while waiting on Dad to get my car battery out of my car, I managed to hit my cute little souvenir Rainforest Cafe glass on the counter just right and break it into shards. (Guess I know where I'll be going next trip to Orlando!)

But, by that point... I just had to shake my head and almost laugh.

It's either that or cry.


Dianne said...

Dang...I'm afraid I would have been near tears too! Luckily that week is over...hopefully the next one will be MUCH better! :-)

Mom said...

Karen (and Diane) has had a whole bunch of that kind of stuff going on the whole month of August. She's looking forward to a much better September. Hope yours is, too.
PS Glad I was there Wednesday night, too, so we could go together...and glad you dad could help...and glad you don't have a job where you get in trouble for being late when something happens...and glad Jeremy could fix your tire...and glad you didn't cut yourself on your broken glass. Lots to be thankful for!!!

jodi said...

You and Karen are so much alike. There, that should make you feel better. :)