14 April 2007


In checking out my favorite blogs tonight, I came across http://nspiredbyfaith.blogspot.com/ and she had the most hilarious post today. She suggested simply googling your name followed by "needs"... for example, I googled: "Jessica Needs" and here are some of my results (it doesn't help that most of my results are based on Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, and Jessica Simpson!). They are as follows:

"Jessica needs":

~ "A rumor boyfriend" (Very funny considering I was just telling the UPS man yesterday that if he's going to be talking about me all over town, he could at least tell them all I've got a good-lookin' boyfriend!)

~ "Coffee" (Mmm.... no thanks)

~ "To eat" (Many would argue this very truth, but I promise... I really do!)

~ (simply put) "YOUR HELP" ('Nuf said, I suppose!)

~ "A hand at 'yeeah'" (Excuse me?)

~ "New ink for the printer" (That one could actually be taken off... I finally took care of that one last month!)

~ "To think of a power song" (Hey, I've got PLENTY of those already!! I'll save that list for another day.) :)

~ "To be in love" (Can't argue with that one!)

~ "A new prescription" (Well, in the meantime... - j/k)

~ "Money" (Hmm... now that one does sound a bit more like me than those other girls...)

~ "A decent smile, new teeth and a better 'pose'" (Well, I suppose that could help with the whole love thing and possibly even the 'yeeah' thing - depending on what that is exactly!) :)

~ "To keep her mouth shut sometimes" (Perhaps I should be wrapping this up...)

~ "A bit of time to herself to process things" (Yeah... that sounds about right, so I think I'll go analyze some of these findings now and get back to y'all later...)

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Mom/Nanny/JoBeth said...

Well, let's see: JoBeth needs: 1. The moonlight shining, 2. More excitement, 3.To find what I need at a great price, 4.Someone who will challenge me, and 5.I'm in need of rescuing! But Nanny needs: 1. A new family, 2.Part-time work, and 3. More hours!!!! Yikes!!