11 March 2007

"Other things may change us,
but we start and end with family."

I see you now
As if it were yesterday
Standing at your door to greet us
Laughing and letting us in

I see you now
Sitting on your porch swing
Just chatting about the day before us
Or the times that lay behind

I see you now
Working on a Sunday dinner
Effortlessly preparing
A feast fit for a king

I see you now
Holding us tightly
As we head back for home
And you wave back from your door

I hear you now
Snickering and laughing
With the heart of a child
(With language that would leave
Any trucker or sailor blushing!)

I hear you now
Reading aloud
Every road sign passed
In at least 10 different ways :)

I hear you now
Singing with soul
The old classic country
And some songs hardly well-known

I feel you now
Hugging me close
Patting my butt
And saying "I love you, Dear"

I feel you now
Tugging at my heart
And whispering close
"I miss you, too, Sweetie"
And "I'll see you again!"

Happy Birthday, Grandma!!

1 comment:

jodi said...

That was a great tribute! I thought of her Sunday too! :)