15 December 2006

They are precious in His sight.

Well, we had quite a scare this week...
After having noticed some new odd little purple marks showing up on Emery, here and there, Jodi took him to the pediatrician to see if there could be anything wrong. The doctor couldn't rule anything out, sent her to get bloodwork done, and said there was a real possibility of the marks being indicative of a serious condition such as leukemia... which left all of us just absolutely breathless. Especially, when the results came back, showing that his platelets were extremely low.
Finally, after a long two days, he had the second round of blood tests done today, and to the relief of us all, his blood platelet count had started climbing back up... not quite back to normal yet, but headed in the right direction. And his red and white blood cells stayed in the normal range. Which is what we had been praying for.
Evidently, it was some sort of virus and that was just how his little body responded to it. He goes back in January for a check-up, so hopefully by then, he'll be COMPLETELY back to normal.

Kudos to the little guy though... he didn't even cry when they drew his blood ~ which is more than I can say for myself!!!

* We love you, Slobber Boy!!! *

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jodi said...

Mayabe Emery can go with you next time you have your blood drawn. He can sing, "Eee Eee, Ooooh" and make you feel better. :)