12 February 2010

* Since I’m home unexpectedly (YAY!) on this beautifully SNOWY day, I just thought I’d steal Pioneer Woman’s idea and do my own post on the things that I love. *

Well, let’s start with the most befitting…

♥ I love snow days! I love snow and love being home to enjoy it!

♥ Spending time with my niece and nephew.

♥ Sundays.

♥ Chocolate… GOOD chocolate!

♥ Blankets.

♥ The sky when it’s that perfect beautiful midnight blue.

♥ Crisp, cool Fall air.

♥ Music. Music, music, music.

♥ The smell of old books.

♥ Clothes fresh out of the dryer.

♥ Variety Puzzles.

♥ Campfires.

♥ The moon, especially when it’s full and seems close enough to touch.

♥ Old hymns.

♥ iTunes.

♥ “Redeeming Love” by Francine Rivers.

♥ Sweet old people.

♥ Seeing benevolence in a broken world.

♥ “Roman Holiday”.

♥ The latest fragrance ‘agave’ from WoodWick candles.

♥ My parents.

♥ Bible study.

♥ Boston, Mass.

♥ Flying.

♥ Old notes from my grandmas and great aunts.

♥ Large spreads of poppies on the side of the cold interstate.

♥ Chili cheese fries.

♥ Needtobreathe’s “The Outsiders” album.

♥ Glimpses of God.

♥ Publix “Chocolate Trinity” ice cream mixed with “It’s Your Birthday Cake” ice cream.

♥ Watching “Planes, Trains and Automobiles” with my sister.

♥ My sweet (crazy) cat.

♥ #50, half-order with chicken at El Charros.

♥ Ashley Judd’s “Wonderful” perfume.

♥ My church home/family.

♥ Sunsets.

♥ “Streams in the Desert”.

♥ “Castle”.

♥ Orange juice at midnight.

♥ The lead singer from Nickelback’s voice.

♥ Flannel sheets and a cold nose.

♥ Old pictures.

♥ Trains.

♥ The reminder of the cross.

♥ The power of the cross.

♥ The fact that it’s still snowing beautifully and piling up ouside!!!



arundhathy said...

You are a beautiful girl at heart and I loved the way you write things so innocently.
Much Love

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