12 November 2009

Our Claimed Treasure

Aunt Leona

Oh, wow. Where do you start, with such a remarkable lady?

You were given 96 years and lived life to the fullest, but I think we half-way expected you to live about 96 more.

You played a mean game of Rummy and taught me about ‘groovers’. You insisted on ‘cutting the stack’ and took no prisoners. But, we still had a good time playing.

You loved to tell stories, larger than life. Each time with that same hearty laugh like you’d never told it before.We heard the same ones time and again. But, they never got old and we’d laugh just the same.

You were golf’s biggest fan. You both watched it and played it. You didn’t pick up the game until you were 32, but you played ’til the end. (I wonder now, how the Pro’s will ever play without you.)

You’d send us our birthday cards, with money inside. Quarters for every year we would celebrate. It wasn’t a million, but it seemed like it to us.

You ran your own business for most of your life. A ‘beauty operator’ who knew all in town. You swore you’d write a memoir one day, of all that you heard from your chair, but I guess you never did. (Probably just as well.)

You never did marry. Proudly proclaimed yourself as an ‘unclaimed treasure’. But, you never gave up hope on me. You’d pray every day to St. Anthony (aka: ‘Tony’- Patron Saint of Lost and Found) on my behalf to find ‘the one’ for me.

Oh, Leona, you’re lotto tickets and Omaha steaks and 5 o’clock drinks and so much more… you’ll continue to be with us in so many ways.

But, why couldn’t it have just been about 96 more?

* Grrr.... Player still not working.
Wanted to use "When Irish Eyes are Smiling" on this one. *

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