26 October 2009

Grip of Fear

Last week, in our Esther study, Beth Moore spoke to something that just really spoke volumes to me.

She said that a friend of hers had requested prayer for her mother, who’d had breast cancer and thankfully come through it and now lives cancer-free. However, now she finds herself overcome with fear with the least littlest thing.

She followed that up in saying that she has heard this same testimony, over and over, from so many people who say “The thing about it is, while going through it, I felt the strength and power. But, after I came out of it, I got a stronghold of fear about ever going back into it.”

WOW. Now, I don’t know if this speaks to any of you, but it really wouldn’t surprise me if it didn’t, because I’m all but convinced that it was spoken just for me.

But, Beth then responded to this thought saying “God’s grace is given according to our NEED ~ not what we have made up out of our FEAR.
“We want God to give us strength for our vain imaginations, but He says ‘You’re making that up! I’m not going to give you strength in that! I want to set you FREE from fear! Not help you think up stuff!’ “

Ouch!! Talk about hitting home! This is where I’ve staked a tent and camped out for WAY too long now. ”Somewhere in the middle.” Knowing all that He’s done, and yet not fully trusting in all He’ll do.

Lord, please help me to loosen my grip on all the fears that hold me back from living the life You’d have me to live. Help me not to dwell on all the disappointments and hurts, but rather hold onto all that You’ve done in my life and all the times You’ve proven more than trustworthy, in those times when I’ve turned to You.

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Amy said...

Great post, Jess! Looks like a great study - one I'll have to do next. Oh, by the way, you are welcome to borrow Daniel. I forgot to ever respond to your FB post. Let me know when you want to get it :)