28 September 2009

There seems to be a resurgence in the blogosphere here lately, so I just thought I’d take the time today to introduce and perhaps, reintroduce my Blog Roll.

‘Alter-Ego’ ~ Just that. My other blog. The original one I started back in May ‘06. The one with the deeply thought-out, agonized over coordinating soundtrack. Pretty much the one solid reason I won’t leave Blogger for WordPress.

‘Arms Wide Open’ ~ SUCH a great blog! And the guy who makes me proud to be a SLOB. Last summer, the guys of MercyMe had a SLOB of the month (Spectacular League of Bloggers). Proudly, I was the first to receive the accolade and Aaron was the subsequent SLOB honored right after me. Great guy with a beautiful family… truly a man after God’s own heart with a steady stream of amazing posts.

‘Beth Moore’ ~ Goes without saying. The Living Proof Ministries blog. Getting to know Beth outside of her mind-blowing studies.

‘Blessed Builder’ ~ Sweet Kathy, my new facebook friend! :-} Shares with us her life in beautiful Wisconsin and insights into her heart and mind.

‘Bring the Rain’ ~ The now well-known and highly-acclaimed blog of Angie Smith, wife of Todd Smith of the group Selah. Started blogging primarily as a result of losing her sweet little baby Audrey. Now, more on the casual side, but the original posts utterly gut-wrenching and soul-inspiring.

‘Confessions of a Pioneer Woman’ ~ One word. HILARIOUS. That woman is multi-talented if there ever was one. Not only does she take amazing pictures of her unbelievable life on the ranch (with husband and 4 kids!) and cook like a top-notch chef at the finest restaurant, that girl can WRITE! There is just simply nobody else like Ree Drummond. She’s awesome.

‘Covington Outdoors’ ~ Amanda Lindsay, a sweet face from Eastridge, my church home. She, too shares glimpses into her life and her heart.

‘Dash of Grace’ ~ This is my friend Danielle, from Tuesday night bible study. She shares her heart in what it’s like to be a new Mommy to what may be one of the cutest little boys ever!?

‘Farmers Almanac’ ~ Wow. I’ve been following this one for a while now. I met Shana thru blogging… well, I don’t even remember how now? But, I’m glad I did. She’s a great blogger (though she, much like me, has somewhat traded blogging for fb these days – we’ll have to work on that…) ~ a sweet girl.

‘Fruit Inspection’ ~ My seestor. :-} Her in’s and out’s of being Mommy to what ARE the two most adorable children! And just, more or less, life how she sees it.

‘Glasses of Grace’ ~ Dianne was, if I remember correctly, my very first commentor on my blog who wasn’t family or an established friend. :-} She hasn’t updated in a while, but she’ll always mean a lot to me.

‘Grant Busbee’ ~ The newest addition from the Eastridge bloggers. Just read his first post today. Great start. Can’t wait to see what else he shares in future posts.

‘Heal the Wound’ ~ This is Heather, wife of Aaron (Arms Wide Open) and she’s just as an amazing writer as her husband. Great thought-provoking posts and insight into her heart as a Mommy, wife and Christian.

‘Heart on the Hill’ ~ D. I think we found each others’ blogs through Luanne? She’s one I haven’t gotten to know as well as I’d like. Look forward to more from her.

‘Henderson Highlights’ ~ My long-time friend, Michelle. Glimpses into her life, now greatly revolving around a littly guy named Eli. :-}

‘Highway 41′ ~ Florida Gator fan, but I guess we’ll forgive him. :-} Shawn found my blog in looking for someone else and since has begun this blog of his own. Great thought-provoking posts… I like to think I taught him everything he knows.

‘Jennifer Hilland’ ~ Another representative of Eastridge. She’s just written a few posts, but I hope she will continue. She’s a very talented, heartful writer.
‘Jeremy’ ~ My funny brother-in-law. What can I say… he’s a man of few words.

‘Keeping up with the Hills’ ~ My newest bloggy friend, Jill. She’s so sweet and so is her blog.

‘Less of Me’ ~ I love, love, love this girl. Never met her, but would love to. Not quite sure how we stumbled onto each others’ blogs, but am so glad we did. Great blog and even greater friend.

‘Light Your World’ ~ Greg Sponberg, husband of Nichol Sponberg. I believe started the blog when they lost their little Luke due to ‘crib death’ shortly after Angie and Todd Smith lost their Audrey. They’re actually in-laws and both amazing families, strong in their walks with the Lord.

‘Marty K’ ~ A blog referred by a fellow Eastridge member. Incredible photography and great commentaries.

‘MercyMe’ ~ I think they’ve all but hung up the blog for tweeting and facebooking, but love these guys. They’re just awesome, talent-wise and spirit-wise.

‘Mom of ‘Em’ ~ I actually went to high school with Jodi, back in Illinois. This is probably the one blog I found through facebook? It’s usually the other way around. :-} Sweet and funny.

‘New Normal’ ~ Trey, our newest elected Executive Pastor at ECC. Great thought-provoking posts. Glad he finally broke down and started an official blog. I look forward to future posts.

‘No Matter What Happens’ ~ Kelli. There is nobody I can think of to compare to Kelli. Loving mother to 4 beautiful children, 3 of which have special needs. She never complains. She’s never bitter. Only sweet, loving, nurturing and grateful for each and every day. Truly inspiring and perspective-altering.

‘No Place Like Home’ ~ Michele, actually attends my sister’s church, but I got to know her through the girls’ ballet classes and now even more-so on facebook. Sweet insights into her life as a Mom, devoted wife of a fireman, preschool teacher and Christian.

‘Notes from the Soul’ ~ Stephanie had actually been following my sister’s blog, but I didn’t find her until Beth Moore’s roll call shortly after that. She’s got great posts and spiritual insights.

‘One So Blessed’ ~ Joanne, out in California. Great reminder of how God works all things for good for those who love Him. Sweet gal with a beautiful family.

‘Patsy Clairmont’ ~ The firecracker of the Women of Faith. Hilarious, but heart-touching, too.

‘Pioneer Woman Cooks’ ~ Ree Drummond’s strictly cooking website. Amazing dishes with precise and often hilarious step-by-step instructions.

‘Random Thoughts from the Revolution’ ~ Actually discovered Chris through Kelli’s blog, even though he’s a major component at Eastridge. This is his newest blog with thoughts of both personal interests and thoughts on where our church is headed and what we’re learning as we go.

‘Scott’ ~ Pastor Scott, from Eastridge, and any of his encouragements and thoughts to us as we journey together, as a body in Christ.

‘Stirring the Deep’ ~ Another one I’d actually like to get to know better. She’s been very encouraging to me and has had some very convicting posts lately and I need to just take the time to sit down and scroll through all her previous posts.

‘The Muse’ ~ Keith, another new blogger to pop up from Eastridge. Off to a VERY strong start! He’s focused primarily on our daily readings that we’re reading as a whole at ECC.

‘This Journey is not my Own’ ~ Jennifer… Wait… Jennifer, are you there? :-}

‘Thursday’s Child’ ~ So funny how God works. This one was actually referred to me by Joanne over at One So Blessed. And I LOVE it. It’s one that I won’t let myself even start to read it until I’m in the right frame of mind, because I just know that it’ll be amazing and that I won’t want to miss one word. LOVE Chanda! I’m waiting to hear of the book deal any day now… :-}

‘Unveiling Hope’ ~ Each post, short but poignant. Wonderful blog.

‘Work in Progress’ ~ The blog Jodi and I started for Mom, because we knew she had an inner blogger in there somewhere, with all the stories and fabrications (and of course, two grandchildren to brag about). :-}

‘World of ‘Chelle’ ~ I think met ‘Chelle through Joanne, too? Sweet, funny and inspiring. In a nutshell. Another one we need to work on getting back at blogging. :-}


Wow. Didn’t realize how much my blog roll has grown!! But, I love it! It inspires me! And I hope to keep adding more and more!
So, please, go visit all my fellow SLOBs and see what they have to say! And tell ‘em Bittersweet sent ya! :-}
*The blog roll on here no longer really corresponds. For correspondig blog roll, go to: www.bittersweetjess.wordpress.com .

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