03 August 2009

This is my Story... This is my Song (the beginning)

Today, I’ve been thinking about my testimony. My journey of faith. How I’ve gotten to where I am today. Wow… How does one start in telling the many countless ways God‘s moved in his/her life as a Christian? Where does one even begin?
One of my greatest questions as a Christian is how you can blame or judge another for not believing when they’ve not been given some of the same opportunities and/or inclinations as yourself? I feel like God has always pursued me, long before I ever knew to pursue Him.
I was blessed to be brought up in a Christian home, attending church regularly, being involved in Sunday School and VBS… the whole nine yards. We grew up Lutheran, so we were “sprinkled” at infancy and by about 7th or 8th grade continued on in taking confirmation classes, followed by the actual confirmation. And although I took it all to heart as much as I could and took that step with all sincerity, I never really grasped the concept of an actual personal relationship with my Savior. Knowing Him as a Friend, above all others. He was a loving God, Who was ‘out there’ looking down from ‘above’.
This is not at all to criticize the Lutheran church. It holds a very special place in my heart. It played a very important part in my journey and was the basis for my faith. It was my starting point. And I think that each denomination speaks differently and ministers differently to each of our needs. And it was the summer after confirmation that I attended a Lutheran youth camp for a week, with other teens from all over, that offered my first real taste of His presence.
Aside from the memories of all us girls sharing one bathroom and getting up at the crack of dawn for breakfast (and my slight crush on Joe Whitney), I remember one particular evening by the campfire. Joe must not have been there, because I was actually focusing on the moment and singing all those ‘campfire songs’ (you know the ones) with the purest of hearts. And I just remember, in that moment, feeling different? Like I had let something go? And yet felt more connected than ever before? It wasn’t earth-shattering. It wasn’t any great transformation. I’m certain nobody else even knew. Yet, I knew. And it was sweet and peaceful. Calming and reassuring. And from that sweet brief moment, it was back to bed, back on the van, back home, and back to ‘reality’… Life as usual…. (to be continued).


Luanne said...

Yea!! Jess the blogger is back!! I am so happy to read your posts. Keep them coming!

Jess said...

And Jess the blogger is glad that Luanne the traveler is back!! :)

Rachel said...

Reflecting on our journey can be quite the learning experience - for us and others.

Oh I can't wait to hear more ; - )