29 July 2009

Do you have anyone who just makes your day to see them?

Well, today, I had the great pleasure of seeing 4 of my favorite Blue Willow patrons.
It always does my heart good to see them. It’s two couples, probably in their 70’s – one couple from the Atlanta area, the other couple from Lavonia.

Years back, I’m guessing somewhere around 6 or 7 years ago (maybe longer) these sweet folks came in and we got to talking and when I heard that the latter couple was from Lavonia, I just mentioned that I had attended Piedmont, et cetera, et cetera… Well, 6 months or a year later, they came back in and that sweet, crazy man remembered every last thing that I had told him! From my name, to my major… I was blown away. Ever since then, they have all just become my buddies. And I just love the days I get to see their sweet faces. They only meet up at the Blue Willow every six months or a year… to celebrate birthdays. And the Lavonia couple hadn’t been in a year and a half now. So, I was long overdue for a visit from them.

Well, we did some catching up and I got to hear the latest cheesy jokes from the men. Got some hugs in from everyone and then my Lavonia friend brought me in a couple of the latest issues of
Georgia Mountain Laurel and left them for me to look at.

Local attractions, calendars of events, a few recipes and some pretty good photographs taken in all different areas in NE Georgia. And there were several sweet write-ups. One in particular, ministered to me just as dearly as seeing my comrades, so thought I'd share it here:

There is a true story told about a man who was selling quail in the marketplace in northern India. The man, a local farmer, had tied a string around the leg of each bird and the other end of the string was tied to a ring attached to a stake in the center. The birds walked around the stake in a circle, around and around.

A man who had a passion for animals came by and purchased all of the birds. Once the fee was paid, he asked the farmer to snip the strings and let the quail go free. The farmer obliged the man, since he had made the money that he had hoped to make. Although the strings were cut the birds continued to walk in a circle. The man who offered them freedom shooed them, and tried to get them to fly away. When they did, they would land a short distance away, form a circle and walk behind one another. Although a price had been paid for their freedom, and the strings had been cut, they continued in their learned behavior. Are we much like that?

If this story were opened up and applied to your life, would you be a helpless victim of the string and the stake, or would you see the freedom offered you and fly away, thereby accepting the grace of your savior? We live like we have no choice but to stay right where we are, no matter how confining and uncomfortable. If you know Jesus and you have given your heart and life to Him, you are as free as the quail in the marketplace. So quit living like you lived before you encountered His grace.

God wants you to fly as badly as the man who bought the birds. Let His love fill you and His mercy set you free. You are His child and He wants greatness for you. His son paid the price for you to have these things. We need to realize that we are true heirs of God’s throne. The Spirit of God lives within you and is a wonderfully freeing gift given at the moment of conversion and, like a gorgeous ribbon tied around a lovely gift, His Holy Spirit seals the believer until the day that Christ comes again. Wrapped in the Spirit of a gracious God is the most comforting place to be.

How are you living? Do you live like a free man or are you a slave to something? Becoming a Christian doesn’t mean that old habits are erased, although we do become new creatures in Christ. The string is cut the freedom is given but we have forgotten how to fly. Maybe there is something that is holding you. Is it an old hurt that is binding you? There is joy waiting for you when you walk away from that hurt and begin to live for Christ. Is there someone you need to forgive? Someone who needs to forgive you? Is there some un-confessed sin that you think you are hiding? Offer or seek forgiveness, repent and accept God’s forgiveness. Forgive yourself. Whatever your “string” is get rid of it.

God wants to bless you and me. He has unlimited and unbelievable joy and peace that is yours. It has your name on it. God will help you if you ask, He can change your life but you must look up and ask Him. Christ loves you more than anyone you have ever known, and wants to give you the gift of freedom. He has already paid the price for that freedom; you need only accept it, cut your strings and soar in His Grace.

~ by Tracy McCoy

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