16 October 2008

So, I'm just curious to see who else has read "The Shack" and what they think about it.
I know Shana has read it and I think she was wise in re-reading it with Bible in hand, as I don't find that everything is exactly scripturally based. (Although I'm not sure it was intended to be.)
However, the author really makes you rethink your perspectives on life and your part in it all.
Have you read it yet?
What do you think?


Dianne said...

I have not read it, but a friend in my SS class brought her mom to our class one week and her mom had nothing good to say about it. Also, funny you mentioned it here..I had lunch with a friend to day who just read it and she said she wouldn't necessarily recommend it either. Funny how much controversy and thought it has provoked, isn't it?

Luanne said...

Hi Jess--so good to hear from you. I was actually thinking about you today==prayed for you--so was glad to see your comment! I have read the Shack. I liked it--after I got past the "God" part played by a woman. I still admit that it's a bit weird. I think the author's point was to get you thinking--and I did that for sure. I need to read it again--I remember at the time having some major "a hah" moments. What did you think?

jodi said...

I can't go anywhere without hearing about this book. I want to read it too.

Mellie said...

I have read it and I think one of the things to remember is that it is just a novel-not a gospel-just one man's opinion of what meeting God might be like. I found there were a few statements that were not sound theologically, and knowing your Bible is a good thing when reading this book (or anytime for that matter :) ). But I found it thought provoking and wonderfully rich in some of his descriptions of God as trinity.