01 August 2008

Our Control Tower

I love to fly.
I still remember the first time I took off in a jet airliner. I was completely enthralled. It was like the most exciting ride I'd ever been on. I could hardly sit in my seat. I just kept pestering my sister, "Look at that! That is so cool! I mean, you can see everything from up here!"
Of course, my sister was too busy clutching the armrests and praying with every fiber of her being to care. So, she completely missed the most awesome part. The part when you break through the clouds and actually look down on them, ascending into a clear blue sky.
I still love this part. Especially when it's a rainy miserable day down below. I love how, in no time at all, you're able to just leave all that mess below and rise above it. Such a sense of freedom. Such a change in perspective.
At least that's how I view it. Of course, Jodi just sees it as a rickety old man-made capsule being catapulted into space, against any and all evident laws of physics. She says "It just shouldn't work. How can something so large filled with so many people stay in the air?" "It just shouldn't work. I mean... it just can't."
To which I reply, "Well, obviously, it does work, so just go with it, accept that it works and enjoy the ride!"
"I think I'll just keep holding on and praying, if it's all the same to you."
This week, it seems the theme in my walk is "discernment". Seeking godly counsel. And developing my relationship with the Holy Spirit.
In my present bible study, Priscilla Shirer likens the indwelling of the Holy Spirit as God's control tower. She says, "The Holy Spirit is God's control tower. He sees the end from the beginning and seeks to guide us through this life."
At times, our lives can be rather turbulent. They can shake us to our very core. Sometimes, they can just be vague. And at other times, we can be soaring high with a wonderful view, but just have very little sense of direction... where we are or where we need to be.
We need that beacon. That tower. To guide us. To warn us of any impending disasters. To protect us. To talk us through. And to keep us 'grounded' in a sense. Connected to the One who knows the way we should take. The only One with the full view of our journey and clear understanding of our destination.
Now, if only I could trust my godly Control Tower as much as I do the earthly ones. And take my own advice and just buckle up, accept that it works, go with it and enjoy the ride of a lifetime a little more!
But, if it's all the same to you, I think right now, I'd rather just keep holding on and praying...
... Jodi understands...
And thankfully, so does He.


Brad and Shana said...

Perfect analogy.....

You know I tend to be more like your sister in this regard, but I like your challenge to trust the control tower (Holy Spirit) and hang on for the ride.

Your post reminded me of "the shack". Have you read it? It gives great insights about God & the Holy Spirit, well actually, the whole trinity.

I admit that it can be viewed as a tad controversial, but if you read it to the end, you'll likely understand it. There are so many thought provoking statements. It really gets God out of the box that we sometimes tend to place him in.

Because it is a tad controversial, I decided to read through it again (yes, its that good) and highlight all the statements that I thought were great and the ones that I wasn't sure about, and try to dive into the word and decide for myself. Sort of my own little Bible Study (kind of inspired by Angie Smith's blog).

Anyway, again, the analogy made me think of it, and I know you enjoy reading. I'd love to hear what you think if you decide to pick it up. Trust me, you'll probably finish it fairly quickly.

Shawn said...

You really do have some great visuals. (You're the one who needs to write a book.) Maybe your next post can be about being in a seemingly endless "holding pattern."

One Beloved Sister said...

Hey Jessica! What a great post! I am starting the Priscilla Shirer study "He Speaks to Me" next Monday. Is that the one you are doing?

jodi said...

Good, you're finally seeing things my way! :)

Kathy S. said...

I'm with you in the clouds! I posted my thrills on my blog the end of June upon returning from the she speaks confrence.

It seems we have quite a few things in common! How did you come up with BitterSweet?

My gift shop is Bittersweet Farm. I am always talking about how "bittersweet" things are...it just seems like that is life. Fortunately for us in Christ the bitter always ends up becoming sweet...so in the end it is all sweet:)