28 August 2008

Goodbye Ordinary!

You got that right!

I don't know how many of you noticed, but Bart, from MercyMe, commented on my post about not receiving my special c.d. from them. And he kindly informed me that another would be on its way. Is that not just the coolest?

Lo and behold, it came today! And, folks, I just gotta tell you... a better album, you'd be hard-pressed to find! EVERY SINGLE SONG on here is just absolutely AWESOME! And I'm not just saying that 'cause mine is special! : )

I've compiled a playlist of all the songs off this album... I hope they don't mind, but really and truly in order to enjoy it over and over, you'll have to stay on my blog all day... so, go get your copy TODAY! You will be so glad you did!! (But, until then, by all means you can just stay on my blog to your little heart's content...) : )

Now I'm even more excited about Celebrate Freedom this weekend! I can't wait!! Just over a day away now... and counting!! YAY!

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jodi said...

Very cool signed CD!