09 June 2008

Check out these cool 'Flips'

Nanny and Grandpa have the little ones all week, so Mom was looking for some fun projects to keep them busy (aka ~ out of trouble!).

She decided for today, with it being my day off, we could have a fun girls' day with Savannah.

So, we headed off to Wal-Mart and Nanny had us pick out the color of flip-flops we liked.

Savannah (obviously) ended up with a stunning pair of Princess Pink and I chose some oriental looking red-trimmed bamboo ones.

Nanny got some plain black ones and we picked out a pair of brown for Mommy when she gets back from Honduras.

From there, we headed over to Michael's to pick out cute ribbon to accent our chosen 'flip's. (And to pick up a little something for brother - and a cute little pink summer hat for Meo.)

We stopped off at Wendy's for some lunch and came back to the house and got to work.

Before long, we had some cool little jazzed-up summer footwear!
And on loooong summer days such as these...

we all could use a little something to make the days a little cooler!!


Brad & Shana said...

OOOOHH, thanks for the idea. My nieces were just here with us, and we lacked in the crafting department this go around. The kids just swam and went to see Kung Fu Panda.

But, next time, we're gonna make ourselves some flip flops. I assume you just tie the strips of ribbon around the part at the top? If there is something more to it than that, kindly send me an email please.

Glad y'all had a great time.

One Beloved Sister said...

Very cute flip flops! :) It looks like you guys had a great time!

By the way, because of one of your previous posts I rushed out and bought Mercy Me's latest CD. LOVE IT! Thanks! ;)

Jay & Michelle said...

They are SO cute. I wear size 8.5 (hint - hint)! :) Glad you guys are having fun with the little ones while Jodi and Jeremy are away.

Michele said...

So cute!! What a great way to spend the day.