20 March 2008

Things I'd like to share this Holy Week...
There have been two amazing really thought-provoking posts I've read this week that I'd like to share with my readers. (I hope they don't mind!)
The first was posted by Dianne over at 'Glasses of Grace' Tuesday. She was passing along an email that she had received and it is just such a simple, yet poignant message. It's wonderful!! And her closing comments are the icing on the cake. Check it out: http://glassesofgrace.blogspot.com/2008/03/are-we-blind.html
The second was a post from a girl whose blog I hadn't found until this week, through the help of Joanne. She's an amazing writer who has penned her thoughts on the Last Supper and it will absolutely just take your breath away. She uses words as an artist uses a paintbrush and creates an image in your mind that makes you feel as if you are actually a part of it all. She's over at: http://chandacanup.blogspot.com/2008/03/communion.html
Thirdly, for any of you who may not have caught my post on Feb. 16th, about the movie "Most" - I encourage you to watch the clip. It's a really well-done movie, helping our hearts to grasp a little more tightly onto the true extent of the sacrifice given us all, of a beloved son by His father. And it really makes you realize how easily we take it all for granted and just so easily go about our personal business, not acknowledging it at all. And so many others, not aware of it at all.

Lastly, a video of "Passion of the Christ" put with the song 'New Again' by Brad Paisley and Sara Evans. Awesome.


Joanne said...

Goodness gracious friend...are you trying to kill me?!? Boy was that some powerful stuff. I had never seen the clip for the movie 'Most', but know after just seeing the clip, that I don't think I could handle a movie version. I am going to be back to your blog to show my kids that one.

Happy Easter jess! Love, Joanne

Dianne said...

Thanks for the plug! :-) I hadn't seen the movie clip either, but WOW. I had to backtrack and watch some of it again. Definitely powerful!

Hope you've had a great Easter.