29 March 2008

All Is Well

The white of Winter
Now wears a shawl of green
For all the trees are budding
And flowers can be seen.

The snow that chilled us yesterday
Has melted like a dream
For now the stone is rolled away
Beneath the sunlight's gleam.

How sweet the sound of Spring
As songbirds now return,
And here below the rainbow
Earth makes another turn.

For Spring's a noble season,
One of show and tell,
When God reveals His Majesty
And shows us all is well.

~Poet, Clay Harrison


Dianne said...

I love Spring...one of my FAVORITE seasons..for this very reason!

Chelle' said...

Love the poem. Love your music. And love your picture- header. Trifecta friend.

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

Oh- and I hope you don't mind... I just updated my links on my blog... and included you. Hope that's OK because I'd love to have people come and visit.