19 February 2008

Tonight, I had the opportunity to 'hang' with Jennifer and her friends again and finally made it to '722' in Atlanta. I had intended to go check that out some time ago (like YEARS and YEARS ago now) but just had never made it over there. And it was really good!
Kristian Stanfill lead worship and I really like a lot of his songs. Salina Beasley sang, too and she was great.
Then, Jeanne Stevens spoke to us on learning how to wait. To wait with God, as opposed to just waiting for God to move for us as a means of just getting what we (think we) want. Another lesson on letting it go and releasing it all to Him. A lesson I just can't seem to get through to my heart these days!!! But, good to know He's still working with me on it! :-)
Anyway, had another great time with 'the girls'. And after a somewhat 'crazy' kind of day at work, it was a very welcome opportunity.

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Michele said...

Glad you made it to 722. David and I went to something similar YEARS ago!