29 January 2008

Ten 'Nuggets' I've picked up along the way...

1. Patience is trusting in God's timing.
(Church sign on the way to work)

2. Faith adds its "Amen" to God's "Yes" and then takes its hands off, leaving God to finish His good work in you.
(Streams in the Desert)

3. Unbelief looks at God through the circumstances... but faith puts God between itself and its circumstances, and looks at them through Him.
(Streams in the Desert)

4. Faith is believing what we do not see; and the reward for this kind of faith is to see what we believe!
(St. Augustine)

5. The One Who loved me enough to die for me can be absolutely trusted with the total concerns of the life that He saved.
(Wow! I love that one... from, you guessed it: Streams in the Desert)

6. Our hope in Christ enables us to come to God with open hands into which He can place what He wants and out of which He can take what should not be there.
(Sheila Walsh from "Life is Tough, but God is Faithful")

7. In checking a tire for holes or weak points, you must add pressure to it ~ our faith is much the same.
(Pastor Rob)

8. Sometimes, you have to Fake it 'till you can Make it!
(I cannot tell you how many times that one has helped me - when the heart is just not in it!)

9. Submission to God's will is the softest pillow on which to rest.
(Streams in the Desert)

10. You pay God a compliment by asking great things of Him.
(Perpetual calendar at work)

11. I have come to understand that the spot in my heart that never loses its tenderness keeps me knowing that it was real.
(Beth Moore: "Feathers from my Nest")

12. How can you be so quick to open your heart to someone who broke it into pieces and yet be SO resistent to open it to the One who wants to heal it?
("Men in Trees", of all places! Just proving God can use any outlet He chooses.)

13. Know that if God's not changing your circumstances, He is more interested in changing you!
(Nick Vujicic -from "Life without Limbs")

14. Faith honors God and God honors faith.
(Streams in the Desert)

15. We must take our troubles to the Lord; but we must do more than that ~ we must leave them there.
(Hannah Whitall -Smith)


Okay... so I ended up with 15, but I just couldn't stick with the 'ten' once I really got going! Too many tasty tid-bits to share.
Obviously, many of these have come from Streams in the Desert (a devotional introduced to me several years ago that I have truly come to treasure) - but they are all just little 'nuggets' I've picked up along the way. And now they all live together in my 'Ebenezer Journal' that I've compiled over the last 2 years now. Them and all my other 'little' reminders that God is there and truly cares! And, I tell you what, I never dreamed it would fill up so fast!!


Lyndy said...


Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful nuggets. I am so glad I don’t have to pick a favorite because it would be impossible, as they are all awesome.

Hope you are having a great week my friend.

Hugs, Lyndy

Brad & Shana said...

What a great source of encouragement all in one great place. Very good reminders in deed. I probably have some of the same statements underlined in my


Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...

I LOVE that number 12! How cool is that statement!


jodi said...

I like #10.

When you got to 15, why didn't you just change the title? :)

One Beloved Sister said...

So many of these ring true for me right now too! Streams is one of my favorites, and was given to me by a dear friend in 2002. God has been using it ever since, and I'm convinced He moves the dates around so that the one I read is perfect for the day I read it. :)

Joanne said...

Jess, I just loved that!

Courtney said...

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