06 November 2007

"The Silver Lining"

You know, I already shared this picture the other day, but I just wanted to make mention of it once again. Not because I just want you all to admire the handiwork behind the camera (ha!) but because of what the image itself represents.

Tonight, in our Daniel bible study, we had some really heartfelt emotions brought to the surface by Beth's powerful study. But, the one that particularly touched me was that of my dear friend Anita.

She is so special to me, as she was the very first person I got to know at Eastridge when I first started attending by myself 2 and 1/2 years ago. We were both new to the church, but both very eager to learn and grow in our faith. She's a precious lady with a big heart and for whatever reason, I believe our paths were meant to cross. We just seem to have been connected... and I strongly believe, not at all by accident.

Tonight's study, oddly enough (and yet, not surprisingly at all) followed along the same lines as our sermon this Sunday. More or less, fighting the good fight of faith and becoming wise to the ways of the enemy. And just when I feel like I must be the only one fighting this fight here, I come to find out, my sweet Anita is having a lot of the same struggles. She's just had a very hard time lately, with unspoken situations at home and work. And she's just been trying like a champ to keep that faith up and keep believing... but it's so hard to do when situations remain the same, or in her case, seem to only get worse. And, boy can I relate!

But, I would just like to offer up this encouragement (to both Anita as well as myself!). Just like you see in the picture, many times, it takes the clouds of life to really begin to see God at work and to see His glory really magnified. To get an image that awesome, you have to not only have the magnificent Light to shine upward, but also the clouds to reflect that beautiful Light.

So, Father, thank You for Your magnificent Light and even though sometimes it's hard to see past them, thank You for the clouds. For, it's in those clouds that Your Light is most gloriously reflected and realized. Thank You for Anita and the friend she's become to me and I ask that You please continue to be with her and strengthen her through this trying time and allow her -if only a glimpse- of Your powerful hand at work in her life. Thank You so much. It's in Christ's name I pray. ~Amen.


Mom said...

I read something not long ago about what happened when they took bees into space. I tried to find the article again, but I couldn't. It said something to the effect that when the bees became weightless the didn't need to flap their wings...and they got listless and I think they even died. The point -- and it was beautifully stated, but I'm butchering it here -- was tha they needed to work hard and all that resistance was not only good for them, but it was necessary to their survival. (I'll keep trying to find it)

jodi said...

That's a good post, Jess. I am still amazed at how you can look at everyday things (like clouds) and put a meaningful story with it.

Mom said...

It's a gift.

Joanne said...

My first time here...I have no idea how I got here, but I am glad I did. Your blog template is the same as mine, maybe that is another reason that I thought it was so appealing!

God Bless, Joanne

Lyndy said...

What a wonder post Jess. It truly is hard to keep the faith and keep believing at times but God is so good and so faithful. Thanks for sharing your heart.

Hugs, Lyndy

Michele said...

Beautiful, Jess. Your posts have so much heart in them.